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Having new flooring installed in your home is a big commitment and an investment that you will want to keep protected. Make sure your flooring company backs its products and services with a warranty. When it comes to warranties on flooring installs, you will usually have two options - a flooring manufacturer warranty and an installation warranty. 


Flooring Manufacturer Warranty

The first type of warranty will cover the materials used for the flooring install. Depending on the specific manufacturer, a product warranty usually covers any product defects found in the flooring. It will not protect damaged flooring caused by misuse, abuse, and improper use. Damages caused by neglect, misuse, or abrasive cleaning products will not be covered.


Installation Warranty

The installer should offer an installation warranty and cover your flooring installation for a specified period after completion of the install. This warranty will vary from installer to installer, so speaking with your installer about their warranty is key to making sure you are getting a trustworthy install.


The Big 3 Guarantee

At Waco Carpet Company, our professional flooring installers take great pride in their work, and we back this up with our Big 3 Guarantee. The Big 3 Guarantee guarantees that you will get the lowest price of in-stock flooring, lifetime workmanship on flooring installation, and a 30 day “love it or replace it” option with every install. Let’s take a closer look at each guarantee to give you a better idea of the excellent services you will get with Waco Carpet Company.


Lowest Price

Having the flooring replaced in your home is usually a more significant investment, so you will want to ensure you are getting a good deal on materials and labor. Our lowest price guarantee ensures that you get the lowest price on the flooring you choose, as long as it’s in stock. In addition, our team will work with your specific needs and budgets to find the perfect flooring option for your home.


Lifetime Workmanship On Installation

We are so confident in our professional flooring installers that we offer a lifetime workmanship guarantee on all installations. This covers repairs due to errors in installation or on your install for the lifetime of the material installed. This is an industry-leading guarantee not offered by many companies. 


30 Day “Love It or Replace It”

While our team will ensure that you are getting the best flooring for your application, there are rare instances where a customer may not like the flooring once it is installed. Therefore, with the confidence we have in our staff’s ability to help you choose the correct flooring for your home, we offer a 30 day “love it or replace it” guarantee. This guarantee allows you the option to replace your flooring up to 30 days after your installation is complete if you are not 100% satisfied. Please ask our staff about the full details of this guarantee when choosing your flooring.

If you request a product of greater value, you may pay the difference in price; however, there will be no monetary payment if you choose a product of lesser value. The Love it or Replace it Guarantee covers the replacement material only; services related to removal of the existing material, miscellaneous labor (i.e., furniture handling, special labor, miscellaneous trim carpentry, etc.,) and installation are not included. Your product can not have been abused or damaged. If installed, the product must have been properly installed to be covered by this warranty. This warranty covers product for an owner-occupied residence; commercial use is excluded. Replacement under the guarantee is limited to one replacement per original purchase.

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