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Carpet flooring is and has always been one of the most popular floorings found in homes across America. It is affordable, quick to install, and provides a soft, plush surface for you to walk on. It is also one of the safest surfaces to have in your home for those who have small children or elderly adults in the household. 


Today, we are going to look at the benefits of carpet, the types of carpet we offer, and why carpet flooring is perfect for your Waco home.


Why Would You Want Carpet Flooring For Your Waco Home?

As the carpet experts of Waco, our team can help you choose the best style of carpet for your home. Carpet flooring is great for Waco homes as it can upgrade your old carpet for a perfect restoration or be the finishing touches on your new home build. Whether you choose to go with carpet throughout your whole home or just the bedrooms, our carpet experts will ensure that you get the best carpet for your needs and budget.


Our Wide Selection Of Carpets

With carpet being our specialty, we offer one of the widest selections of carpet in the Central Texas area. From the biggest brands to the most popular looks, Waco Carpet Company has a carpet for just about everyone. With so many carpets to choose from, our expert staff will be happy to assist you in discussing what you are looking for to help you choose the perfect carpet for your application. Stop by our showroom today to see some of our most popular carpets or shop our full selection below.


Benefits Of Carpet Flooring

While all of the latest design trends and remodeling magazines are full of hardwood floor laced homes, carpet flooring is still one of the most popular flooring materials. Let's take a look at some of the benefits you will get by choosing carpet.


  1. Style - With carpet coming in a variety of different styles and colors, you can change the whole style of a room by choosing a different carpet. Simply upgrading to a similar carpet can transform a room if the old carpet is worn and stained.

  2. Comfort - Do your feet get sore or achy when you walk on harder floors? This doesn’t happen to everyone, but if you are one of those people, you know who you are. A carpet flooring adds a plush feel that can flex to fit your feet and make walking more comfortable.

  3. Warmth - Carpet adds more insulation value to a room when compared to hardwood or tile. Thicker carpet with a good underpad can help to keep a room warmer for longer.

  4. Quiet - Carpets tend to absorb sound better than hardwood or hard surface floors. Some rooms with hard surface floors may seem to have an echo as the flooring can’t absorb sound.

  5. Safety - Carpet is going to give you a plush, soft landing surface, especially for small children.

  6. Cost - While costs are going to differ depending on the quality of materials, carpet is usually less expensive than most alternative flooring surfaces.

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